Shall I buy a foam mattress or a spring mattress?

Spring mattresses have been around longer than foam mattresses and both have several

pros and cons, so should you buy a foam or spring mattress? After reading this article, that

decision will be made by you.

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses are more firm, if you’re a heavier sleeper, it’ll provide you with more

support you’ll experience a more cooler sleep due to better airflow, so in the summertime,

this is a bonus and they are generally more cheaper. However, sagging is most likely to

occur; springs tend to rust and get noisy over time, and spring mattresses tend to be stiffer

which can lead to back problems.

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses vary in firmness depending on your preference and quality of the foam. It

ranges from soft to firm, it provides more support and good pressure relief in any problem

areas as the mattress moulds to your body shape. There’s less motion transfer and are good

for light, side sleepers. However, they generally cost more than spring mattresses, prices

vary, it traps heat so is less cooling and is sometimes more absorbent of bad odours.

Remember everyone is different so when choosing a mattress, it’s all about what is best for

you and your needs. Hope this information helps you guys in your mattress-picking journey

and keep in mind that regardless of the type of mattress you have, it’s equally as important

in getting it regularly cleaned.

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