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How to maintain a clean mattress

We already know the importance of why you should clean your mattress and after your first

mattress cleaning appointment you may want to know how to maintain a clean mattress.

So, a here’s a few little tips and tricks that will help you until your next upcoming deep

mattress clean appointment.

1. Wash your bed sheets and Pillows.

Throwing your bedding and pillows in the wash at high temperatures will kill dust

mites and reduces dust mite transfer from the bedding to the mattress. Do this at

least once a week.

2. Check to see what kind of dirt has built up on your mattress.

Your cleaning routine will be determined by the type of dirt on your mattress and

will help you find the appropriate products to use.

3. Vacuum your mattress.

Do this at least once a month, by using the special upholstery cleaning attachment

that comes with some vacuums.

4. Spot clean on demand.

As soon as you get a stain, clean it as soon as possible to avoid the stain from sinking

into your mattress, making it become a tough stain.

Use a small amount of cleaning solution, this could be good old dish soap, and dab it

on the area, then apply a little cold water with a different cloth. Repeat until stain is


With tougher stains like blood or urine, you may want to use products specifically

designed to break down tough stains, rather than just using dish soap.

5. Use Baking soda and essential oils

Baking soda and essential oils will help deodorise your mattress and get rid of any

odours that may have develop as a result of having a dirty mattress. Essential oils

also will help with improving sleep quality. Baking soda also is a form of antibacterial.

Simply sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda onto your mattress, don’t be

stingy with the amount, and go to town with it! Brush it in, leave it for a couple of

hours, a minimum of 8, and then vacuum it up.

By doing this doesn’t mean you should neglect your mattress from being deep cleaned.

There is nothing like deep cleaning your mattress, you won’t just spot clean and perfume

your clothes, you would regularly deep clean by throwing your clothes in the washing

machine. So think of deep-cleaning your mattress as equivalent to ‘Throwing your mattress

into the wash’

Call us today for an affordable professional deep mattress clean.

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