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Factors effecting Mattress lifespan

On average, a mattress can last up to 8 or more years, longevity is dependent upon several

factors one of the major ones being mattress cleaning regularity, which we know helps

expand mattress longevity for possibly more than 10 years!

1. Mattress material

The better the mattress quality; the longer its durability. Mattresses with low-quality

springs or all foam mattresses are more prone to sag and have lower durability.

Latex mattresses are seen to be most durable.

2. Weight and Sleep size

The heavier of a sleeper you are, the less durable your mattress becomes and is also

more prone to sagging, especially if you’re someone who shares a bed.

3. Maintenance and Care

Regular mattress cleaning increases longevity of your mattress.

4. Children and Pets

Sharing your bed with children and pets not only puts more weight upon the bed but

also increase likeliness of stain/odour development; dead skill cell amount, bacteria

growth and dirt accumulation.

If you find that you feel stiff, the bed feels hard, you have a better sleep sleeping in

someone else’s bed etc… then we suggest that you invest your money in a good high quality mattress as sleep is a very important part for your well-being.

Regular deep mattress cleaning will help you get your money’s worth, after investing in a

high quality mattress. So rather try throwing away your mattress every 6-8 years, increase

its longevity and try to get it cleaned as often as possible.

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