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Benefits and Importance of Mattress Cleaning

As important as it is to clean yourself, your clothes and the dishes on a regular basis;

cleaning your mattress is just as vital. We tend to neglect mattress cleaning because it’s not

visibly in our sight for us to be reminded to clean it, but we spend a third of our lives

sleeping on it, so imagine the amount of dust, dead skin cells, dirt, allergens, odour, pet

hairs (if you have pets), bacteria, food residues and stains have built up over time!

If you’re a homeowner, especially if you have kids too, here are numerous benefits to

mattress cleaning, that you may or may have not known before.

1. The elimination of dust mites and bugs.

That speaks for itself. Who else wants a whole bunch of uninvited guests in your

bed? Especially as these little bugs could be a significant cause to particular

health problems. We have a whole article on dust mites and how to get rid of

them, check the link below.

2. Dust Removal.

We all know that dust is the enemy when cleaning so removal of dust not only is

good for appearance and freshness but reduces likeliness of dust allergy

development, whom all ages are vulnerable to!

3. Reduces allergic reaction/ Bacterial Infection development/ Skin problems

As mentioned before, cleaning your mattress involves dust removal, which

reduces dust allergy development but also any other type of allergic reactions or

bacterial infection growth that may arise as a result of having a dirty mattress.

Skin rashes may also develop due to this, especially in babies, young children and

those who have sensitive skin; mattress cleaning reduces the likeliness of this


4. Clean mattress, clean bed, clean mind

We all know the feeling of fresh new sheets and a clean home, cleaning your

mattress will also add to that feeling of relief and contentment after a good


5. Increases comfort and sleep quality

Same way that the feeling of wearing fresh clothes or sleeping in fresh sheets is a

luxurious feeling, so is the feeling of sleeping of a freshly-cleaned mattress. Your

mattress will feel more plump and bouncy and you’ll be sleeping like a baby

knowing that you don’t have to worry about any bugs crawling or the thought

that you’re sleeping on dirt, which brings ease to your mind!

We know that cleaning your mattress can be a hefty job and seems a little longwinded, but

allow The Mattress Cleaning Company to take that burden away from you by letting us

professionally deep clean your mattress. If you made it to the end of this article and you are

now considering to clean your mattress, call us today on 0207 117 2966 for a quote and


Let us help you feel good about your mattress for the third of the price!

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